I studied history at the London School of Economic, the School of Oriental and African Studies and Chennai University. I wrote my PhD thesis on South Indian politics during the period between the two World Wars. I was lucky enough then to be able to spend two years in India, chasing up and getting access to private papers, interviewing elderly politicians about their struggle for an independent India, working in the archives and scouring contemporary newspapers.

Since then I’ve worked for UK and international charities in South Asia, South-East Asia and Africa and have published two books on community development in Asian communities in the UK. 

I now live in Kent and am making more time for writing short stories and poetry . . . and thinking about the next book.

Telling stories

I have spent nearly all my life researching and writing. I love hearing people’s individual stories and finding out more about the context in which those stories have taken place.  I think this is an important part of understanding social history.

I am now providing a service to people who would like some assistance to write up their own family story, or their important life experiences.

Find out more at www.write-memoirs.com

About the author

Jean Ellis